Official Submissions

The following is the biography that I provided to the Election Committee. It is limited to 150 words. For more, please see the About Me pages.

I grew up in Mensa (since age 2 months) as both of my parents were members. I joined in my own right at the age of 15 and was an active member on the national level by the age of 16, when I became National Coordinator of TeenSIG. I shepherded the teens for 5 AGs before passing leadership to someone in the teen age range. During the same time period, I moved out of the area covered by Lonestar Mensa, the local group I had grown up in. Following my relocation, I lived in an area too far out from my current local group, Gulf Coast Mensa, to be active. Since moving closer into Houston in 2010, I have been very active, holding multiple appointed offices as well as being elected to the Board of Directors. I want to give back to Mensa some small part of the valuable friendships the organization has given me.