Official Submissions

The following is the campaign statement that I provided to the Election Committee. It is limited to 200 words. For more, please see the My Vision page.

I feel that Mensa is a dynamic and ever-changing organization. An RVC needs to be able to address changes with their region's members in mind. I believe that for members to be engaged in a group, they need to be aware of what is happening on multiple levels in the organization. I would like to see transparency from the board to the membership. As Mensans, we know we're smart, but if our members do not understand or have not been told why and how a decision was reached, they tend to think of board members as the ominous THEM who make not-smart decisions. I also think that an RVC must actively reach out to the members of their region in any way possible. Talking to actual members about what works and doesn't work within local groups is essential. RVCs should be able to bring best practices from their region's local groups into the national forum of the AMC. An RVC who doesn't know what the members of their region want is an empty position. If elected, I want to be that able communicator, providing my region with decisions to benefit the members as a whole.

The following is the biography that I provided to the Election Committee. It is limited to 150 words. For more, please see the About Me pages.

I grew up in Mensa (since age 2 months) as both of my parents were members. I joined in my own right at the age of 15 and was an active member on the national level by the age of 16, when I became National Coordinator of TeenSIG. I shepherded the teens for 5 AGs before passing leadership to someone in the teen age range. During the same time period, I moved out of the area covered by Lonestar Mensa, the local group I had grown up in. Following my relocation, I lived in an area too far out from my current local group, Gulf Coast Mensa, to be active. Since moving closer into Houston in 2010, I have been very active, holding multiple appointed offices as well as being elected to the Board of Directors. I want to give back to Mensa some small part of the valuable friendships the organization has given me.