About Me

I am an accountant for a family-owned construction subcontractor. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from University of Houston-Downtown in August 2015.

I've been married to the wonderful Jimmy Criss for almost five years.

My parents joined Lonestar Mensa in Austin (now Lone Star Mensa) together in 1985. I was born in December 1986. The running joke in my family has often been that I attended my first Mensa meetings while still in utero. Mensa was a large part of my upbringing. Between the two of them, my parents were LocSec, Vice LocSec, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-At-Large, Editor, Circulation Manager, and Proctor at some point in time. They also headed various SIGs, and our family was attending some Mensa event or other at least once a week.